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Our creative community is a mix of talent with different specializations who come together to create inspired and inventive work, a strong cooperative culture, where every voice is heard.
We are looking for synergies and most importantly we know how to be flexible to ideas that prove that design, in each every form, is and art and a way of expression.
Agni Malliou  Interior Designer

Agni Malliou

Interior Designer

"I live in the space where work, life and adventure overlap.
And i do it out loud."

Sometimes I feel that people around me are wondering how can I get inspired and work in total darkness. But I believe that this is the only way space gets illuminated. Some days I am just impressed by myself, some other days I place my keys in the refrigerator.

I am fond of minimal design but I am also excited to combine vintage elements in the route of a new inspiration, I like ideas that get expressed through materials that would not normally match and to experiment, in total self torture,  with essential or unimportant details, colors, textures, materials, with shadows on colors and light and unstructured balances, always searching for the desired result.

I am an interior designer, but I do not know if the title really can include all those things an interior designer has to deal with. Among several things you have to be a builder, a constructor, a psychologist, the one who balances the workers and even the clients between them, it needs to provide a great piece of yourself among inspiration and implementation. But this is what the magic of this work is all about.

I am often called an artist. I don’t agree although many times I myself feel an artist, but the title it’s too pretentious. And I don’t say that because I don’t love art, but the exact opposite.Becouse I love it a lot. I live to discover unknown pathways through which I some times express myself, such as children’s theater, photography, rollers with my daughter, singing at nights with my band at different rock stages. I believe in expression, I believe in dialogue, in good energy, in the euphoria provided by a glass of good wine.


Aggeliki Xynogala

Interior Designer

I always wait for the next one. As far as the previous ones … Interior Architecture, Interior design and Object Design at the School of Graphic Design and Art studies at TEI Athens, but I was waiting for the next one..

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The AM-Team

The Team

A team of creatives who offer, with professionalism and consistency, I wide range of services that have to do with interior and exterior architecture and everything that comes under it, new product design and styling-brand communication.

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Chistodoulos Tsaousis

Project Manager

With instinctive ability to visualize any creative process which starts from an idea and materializes into “something” totally new and unique. Everything can become something and every “something” can do everything.

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Our Experience

Agni Malliou created and manages her company for 23 years (since 1993).
Based in her birth place Thessaloniki and with the logo “Art Sake” (Art for Arts Sake) her office very quickly was running projects all over the north of Greece, specializing at the time at the rapidly rising Greek furniture production industry. Stores from some of the strongest brands assigned showroom design and promotion and the result was many award winning showroom stands. Throughout this time, a big number of small and large projects were realized for a very wide spectrum of clients and requirements, including interior architectural design for residences, professional spaces, offices, medical practices, catering areas and hotels.

Based in Athens from 2004 her office continues to be very active, having established long term cooperations with clients that trust her in Greece and abroad.

With a brand new corporate id and image Am design is now expanding to new markets such as Europe and Saudi Arabia and this is the point when the need arises for a total make over with a full team of vision oriented young creatives, coming from the wide area of interior design and for an extension of activity towards furniture design and styling-brand communications.

With love by am!

Our Philosophy

When you observe a space for the first time you are intrigued by its particularities. To observe the lines, the shapes and the colors. To be pleasantly surprised by a daring combination of materials or an unexpected ray of light. By a shiny white marble or a irresistible recess.

To observe how harmoniously they all blend together, but also how they stand on their own. To be happily surprised by the mix of different elements, such as the timeless and the ephemeral, the classic and the modern, the artificial and the natural. To seek the inspiration and the challenge.

Unusual lines, strange shapes they are all an inspiration for us.

It’s all about attention to detail. It's a willingness to question previous admissions for design, to bridge the gap between architecture and visual arts, to bring a totally new perspective to a wide range of projects… We love every space that we take on for what it is and we see its transformation, first of all, as a challenge for art.

Our Clients

We are grateful for every large or small client. We develop long-term cooperations and we evolve together…
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